Medvedchuk: the anti-corruption court is a surrender of the sovereignty of Ukraine

Медведчук: Антикоррупционный суд – это сдача суверенитета Украины

Viktor Medvedchuk

Anti-corruption bodies exist on the money of Ukrainians, but work to consolidate external control in the country, the politician believes.

Talk about the fact that the anti-corruption court created in the interests of Ukraine and its people, he will be independent, is a fairy tale. Imposed by the country’s creditors, pushed the “Washington regional Committee”, this court will submit to Washington.

This was stated by the leader of the Public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk, the press service of the politician.

“To be or not to be anti-corruption court? In anticipation of the “historic” vote BP for the law, which so strongly push our Western strategic partners – the EU, IMF, WB, Big seven, this issue increasingly dominates the minds of Ukrainian politicians. And it excites so strong that the Prime Minister has already threatened to resign in case of failure of the elections”, – noticed the Medvedchuk.

He expressed surprise at the pathetic statements that the “anti-corruption court is the only thing missing from the Ukraine to cut off the immortal head of the Hydra of corruption.”

Medvedchuk reminded that in Ukraine there are already various anti-corruption bodies – the National Council for anti-corruption policy and the Agency for search and management of assets derived from corruption, to NACP, NABOO, ARS.

“By the way, all of these bodies exist on the money of Ukrainian taxpayers, the citizens of Ukraine, impoverished by the very corrupt officials and politicians with whom the above-mentioned organs would have to fight. Needs. But not fighting. And not even begun. Because they have other tasks – not only to impose external management in Ukraine and all the forces to support it, but to fix on the legislative level”, – said Medvedchuk.

Politician called tales stories that an anti-corruption court created in the interests of the state and nation and that he would be independent.

“Imposed upon the country by creditors and lenders, pushed through the “Washington regional Committee”, the ACN will report to WA (as it is today is subject to NAB). And no matter how much US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch nor asserted that any pressure or impact can not be considered, the facts suggest otherwise. But because I am firmly convinced that the anti-corruption court, which today we are imposing so-called partners – it is not a fight against corruption, a surrender of sovereignty, a surrender of national interests of Ukraine”, – summed up the politician.

We will remind, on Tuesday, June 5, the Verkhovna Rada continued its consideration in the second reading the presidential draft law on the anti-corruption court. This is stated in the agenda of the Parliament, published on the website of BP.

The Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy said yesterday that the vote for the law on anti-corruption court on 7 June.

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