Medvedchuk: the case of Colombia should be relevant for Ukraine

The agreement on a ceasefire in Colombia, which entered into force on 28 August as the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the country can become an example for Ukraine, said the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice-the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk.

According to the politician, in Colombia, was created high public office — the high Commissioner for peace, the representative of the President, who conducted direct negotiations with the rebels.

“Another important point is the fact of direct negotiations. Yes, they played a significant role of the mediator States: Norway, Cuba, Chile and Venezuela. But the format of these negotiations, where all parties have equal subjectivity, is fundamentally different from the current Tripartite contact group. And this despite the fact that the US state Department officially included the FARC in the list of terrorist organizations”, — said Medvedchuk.

He recalled how U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry met this spring in Havana with the negotiators as the government delegation and the FARC.

“The need to end the war, which lasted 52 years and claimed the lives of 240 thousand people (more than 80% of the casualties are civilians), were more important than formal definitions, who are the terrorists” — concludes the leader of the Ukrainian choice”.

The document, which was the result of negotiations, according to policy, should become an integral part of the Constitution.

“It is very detailed mechanisms for the settlement of all the key aspects of the conflict: development of regions beset by conflict and disarmament, and security assurances to parties to the conflict, Amnesty, and the inclusion of rebels in the political process. Much of this document could be used to resolve the conflict in Donbass”, — said Medvedchuk.

Policies detail the organization of the elections on the territories covered by the conflict (paragraph 2.3.6 of this document).

“Within two cadences of Parliament deputies should be elected according to special rules that…give the right to run only to residents of these areas (including displaced persons) and exclude from the subjects of the elections, all parties represented in the Parliament… And in this way will be selected 16 of the 166-member chamber of deputies. Unless these modalities do not give an example of how to solve a similar question in the Donbass?” — asks Medvedchuk.

The politician expressed hope that the Colombian people will approve of a peace agreement in a referendum on 2 October 2016, after which it will be embodied in the life of his political part.

“And if the agreement is successful, the example of Colombia should be relevant for Ukraine”, — concluded the Medvedchuk.