Medvedchuk: the Current government is afraid of democracy, as the regime of Yanukovych

Медведчук: Нынешняя власть боится народовластия, как и режим Януковича

Viktor Medvedchuk

In Ukraine it is necessary to implement mechanisms of direct democracy, said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

The current government is afraid of democracy in the same way as the dictatorial regime of Viktor Yanukovych. About this in his blog writes the leader of the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

“It has been almost three years, but the “European” coalition in Parliament did nothing to develop and adopt a Law on national and local referendums on popular initiative… But because of the Ukrainian choice, which requires the government to give the people the right to govern the country and criticizes the European integration policies of Kiev … poses a threat to the so-called democratic government. We tried to ban and close. We threatened and threatened with physical violence. The radicals, calling themselves patriots, attacking the office of the movement”, – stated the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

Despite this, according to Medvedchuk, “the movement will not be intimidated and do not stop.”

“Time and recent years developments have confirmed the correctness of our position, wait for the arrival of “a new fair government” is utopian, people should strictly control power and participate in governance…In Ukraine it is necessary to implement mechanisms of direct democracy,” he Medcheck.

Recall that in early December, Medvedchuk said that he wanted to kill him.