Medvedchuk: the Diet of the Ukrainians at the level of 2006-2007

Медведчук: Рацион украинцев на уровне 2006–2007 годов

Medvedchuk told about the decline in the welfare of Ukrainians

According to the politician, Ukraine has decreased the growth of welfare.

The most objective indicator of the progress achieved over the time of Ukraine’s independence, there can be only one – the welfare of the people. And with that things are bad, says Viktor Medvedchuk.

Despite noticeable in recent years, the growth of yield of major crops and increase exports of agricultural products or the General Blagosostoyanie, nor the power of the Ukrainians has not improved, the politician said.

“It is enough to compare the data of the state statistics on food consumption per capita data Yearbook, National economy of Ukrainian SSR in 1989. From this it is clear that the consumption of the inhabitants of independent Ukraine, almost all food has noticeably declined since 1980, for example, meat consumption in comparison with 1989, decreased by 20%, fish and eggs ― about the same, and as regards dairy products, the situation is catastrophic: they are consumption in comparison with 1989, decreased by 1.5 times!” – Medvedchuk emphasized.

In fact, the politician, as a key indicator of standard of living – nutrition – Ukraine was dropped to the level of the 70-ies of the last century.

“Yes, this situation is largely a consequence taken immediately in the 1990s, misguided economic policy of breaking ties with the former Soviet republics. But data from the state statistics service shows that the victory of euromaidan the situation has only worsened”, – said the politician.

According to him, in comparison with 2013 year the consumption of all Ukrainians without exception, the products has decreased.

“Now for the consumption of most foods Ukraine is at best at the level of 2006-2007, which, admittedly, was also not the best in the history of independent Ukraine”, – said Medvedchuk.

As for approaching Europe, it is, says the leader of “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people”, is also evident in the level of food consumption.

“So, on the Internet, I was found a curious document from October 3, 1955 ― previously classified report of the CSB of the USSR, Institute of Economics of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Institute of nutrition Academy of medical Sciences H. A. Bulganin (then Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. ― Approx. ed.) on the level of consumption of basic food and industrial goods in the USSR per capita. In it we present data on food consumption in France and the UK. If you compare them with the data of the state statistics service of Ukraine, it appears that the population of Ukraine today in their diet is coming to the diet of the inhabitants of the leading European countries, but… only 80 years ago”, – says the politician.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that foreign and domestic policy is decided outside of Ukraine.

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