Medvedchuk: the Government continues to use ideological auromira

Медведчук: Власть продолжает использовать идеологический евромираж

Viktor Medvedchuk

The findings, which confirmed the summit Ukraine-EU is disappointing, the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

XIX – Ukraine summit, the EU once again demonstrated everelusive official Kiev, said Viktor Medvedchuk. So the politician commented on the results of the summit on 13 July.

The lack of consensus on a final joint statement caused a shock in the political environment and the media, said the leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right people, but few paid attention to another circumstance.

“The provision in the preamble of the Association Agreement with the EU, referred to by Donald Tusk and which, apparently, demanded the Ukrainian side in the text of the final statement of the summit, only very loosely can be described as the recognition of certain of the European prospects of official Kiev”, – said Medvedchuk.

The politician also commented on the preamble of the Agreement, which States: “…the European Union acknowledges the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its European choice, including its commitment to build a strong and sustainable democracy and a market economy.”

“In this formulation it is possible to find everything except the main thing – the consent, or at least the semblance of consent to the integration of Ukraine into the EU. Moreover, according to the preamble, “this Agreement does not define in advance and leaves open the future development of relations between Ukraine and the EU”, – said the politician.

The findings, which confirmed the summit Ukraine-EU, the leader of the Ukrainian choice – the Right people, disappointing.

“Such an outcome consisting of the summit only proves that the current government of Ukraine, unable to cope with the task of ensuring the independent development of the country, uses ideological auromira and promises of a brighter European future, to disguise their own failures and inability to governance” – summed up Viktor Medvedchuk.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin sees no meaning in the final statement of the summit Ukraine-EU. In his opinion, all major agreements and so recorded, therefore, the new “paper” is not needed.