Medvedchuk: the Government infringes on the constitutional rights of Russian citizens

Медведчук: Власть ущемляет конституционные права русскоязычных граждан

Viktor Medvedchuk

In Ukraine there is a “cynical attempt to play the language card”, the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

The adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on education is an attack on the constitutional rights of Russian citizens. So says the leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

“The resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe harshly criticized BP for “language article” the education act gives the answer to the question of whether this violates the law of rights of national minorities in Ukraine. 82 voted for the PACE resolution, with 11 votes against and 17 abstentions – that is the verdict of the representatives of a United Europe, values and standards to which Ukraine is so eager to defend… only words”, – the politician wrote in his blog.

Medvedchuk noted that in the Assembly resolution says that the new Ukrainian legislation does not provide a proper balance between the official language and languages of national minorities.

“Dry diplomatic language of resolution is not able to fully reflect the true opinion of the representatives of some countries against the controversial law… as paradoxical As it may sound, but Kiev has become hostage to the ongoing Russophobic policy”, – said Medvedchuk.

He pointed out that according to research conducted by the Razumkov Center, 14% of Ukrainians call Russian their native language, while 17% consider their native language Ukrainian and Russian in equal measure, 68% of Ukrainians consider their native language Ukrainian, while only 0.7% said relatives other languages. Thus, the politician said, it becomes obvious that the true purpose of the “language” of the amendments to article 7 of the education bill is an attack primarily on the constitutional rights of Russian citizens.

The leader of the Ukrainian choice added that the PACE resolution is more than logical, because article 7 of the adopted law violates many of the legislative acts and international legal documents, namely the Declaration of the rights of nationalities of Ukraine; article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and the Decision of the constitutional court concerning the interpretation of this article; the law of Ukraine “On ratification of the European Charter for regional or minority languages”; the law “On national minorities of Ukraine”; the framework Convention for the protection of national minorities.

“The PACE resolution clearly confirms the 255 votes of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada unconstitutional for violating the rights of members of national minorities the law is nothing but a cynical attempt to play the “language card” in Ukraine and infringe upon the constitutional rights of Russian citizens”, – concluded the Medvedchuk.

As reported Корреспондент.netOctober 12, PACE adopted a decision on the law on education in languages of national minorities in Ukraine, harshly criticizing him. A number of politicians demanded the abolition of the law in General.