Medvedchuk: the Government should forget about the anti-Catholic laws

Медведчук: Власть должна забыть об антицерковных законах

He declared that anti-clerical laws must forever be removed from the agenda

In the interests of the government to withdraw controversial draft laws from the agenda once and for all, he said.

Removing from the agenda the controversial bills that infringe on freedom of religion and allowing for state intervention in the work of the Church is a victory of the Ukrainian society, said the leader of the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

Today Parliament was removed from the agenda of the Church’s bills. The faction Block Petro Poroshenko has decided that these bills are not ready for consideration in the hall.

At the same time, Medvedchuk said that the government should forever remove such issues from the agenda.

“According to the UOC-MP, in may 2017 under the appeal to stop, legislative tyranny and to stop discrimination against churches collected more than 300 thousand signatures of Ukrainian citizens”, – he reminded.

The politician reminded that this morning at the prayer service, under the Parliament gathered about 10 thousand Orthodox Christians from different dioceses.

Medvedchuk stressed that for the UOC-MP has stood up not only the world Council of churches, but the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

The leader of the Ukrainian choice also recalled that on the voting day, the Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of the party Block Petro Poroshenko said

“We are not just three times, and thrice three hundred have to think before at all in any questions related to religion and Church, to intervene through legislative action.”

Medvedchuk noted that it “is without exaggeration the victory.” In his opinion, in the interests of the government to remove these bills from the agenda once and for all.

Earlier, Medvedchuk called Church laws “dictatorship of legal nihilism.”