Medvedchuk: the indifference of the authorities towards Ukrainians enhanced

The Ukrainian authorities not only do not consider the requirement for the company to achieve a settlement of the conflict in the Donbass, but also increasingly, social pressure on the people. This was announced by the leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice ― the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk in his blog.

“During the celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day, the citizens of Ukraine have heard from state leaders a lot of praise in his address… it made literally on the eve of surprisingly Frank admissions Finance Minister Alexander danyluk, on social policy, once passed the attention of society. Though, perhaps, also be regarded as a “congratulations” to the “nation of free citizens”. However, very peculiar,” wrote Victor Medvedchuk in his blog.

He cited the example of the statement Daniluk, according to which the most “inefficient” expenditure budget be reduced in the future, associated with the areas that are “most in need of reform. We are talking primarily about health care, education and science.

“Thus, it is assumed that for the sake of saving will go under the knife “excess” hospitals, clinics, schools and research centers… it is Worth noting that, as a rule, for ordinary citizens, the plans of the authorities have the most dire consequences: the burden on caregivers increases dramatically, and promises to provide medical institutions with new equipment remain only on paper”, ― said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

He noted that no less determined danyluk to save money and in education and scientific sector.

The politician said that in recent years about anti-social initiatives, government Ukrainians hear more and more often. For example, the statements danyluk was preceded by promises of acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun to remove doctors of service “first aid”.

“All this indicates a very dangerous trend: social pressure and indifference of the Ukrainian authorities against ordinary citizens of Ukraine only intensified. Officials not only do not consider the requirement of most of Ukrainian society to achieve a political settlement of the bloody conflict in the Donbass, but also increasingly, social pressure on the people who shamelessly flatter during public celebrations. Apparently, our authorities is “a nation of free citizens is first and foremost a nation of people free from schools, hospitals and clinics. But at the same time, from peace and security,” ― concluded Viktor Medvedchuk.