Medvedchuk: the Question of NATO membership for Ukraine splits apart

Медведчук: Вопрос о вступлении в НАТО раскалывает Украину на части

Viktor Medvedchuk

Rejoicing over the acquisition of Ukraine of status of country-aspirant NATO was premature and inappropriate, said Viktor Medvedchuk.

The new status of Ukraine as a country aspirant NATO means only that she has officially declared their interest in joining the Alliance – it was confirmed by the NATO Deputy Secretary rose Gottemoeller. Wrote about this in his blog, leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

“We are talking about editing on the NATO website” – so it answered the question of what is meant by this status. And he added that the policy of the Alliance has not changed: “NATO has recognized and noted by the edit change in the official position of Ukraine”, – Medvedchuk recalled.

He believes that in Ukraine the issue of Euro-Atlantic integration efforts of the representatives of the Pro-Western team was elevated to the rank of a national idea.

“That’s just the entry into NATO of aggressive lobbying by those Pro-government political forces, the level of trust which is close to zero. So, according to the GfK study, commissioned by the International Republican Institute (IRI) with support from the Us Agency for international development (USAID), the popular front party, which is known for its aggressive Pro-NATO policy, – support… as much as 1% of Ukrainians, the Pro-presidential political force – 5%”, – said the politician.

According to him, a low rating does not prevent politicians loudly claim that they speak on behalf of the people, and to convince the world that Ukrainians actively supported the country’s accession to NATO.

Medvedchuk urged to study the data pocket sociological services, and the results of studies of international agencies and institutions. In this case, he argues, the picture turns out not such as we would like Ukrainian politicians.

“According to the poll conducted in December 2017 National democratic Institute for international Affairs (NDI), in the whole country support for NATO membership is not more than 40% in the West of Ukraine – 59%, in the Central and North – 43%, South 24%, and in the East – 22%. The division of the country is obvious,” – said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

He noted that the results of the study GfK for supporters of Euro-Atlantic integration, they are even less optimistic: according to the December survey, the country’s accession to NATO support no more than 37% of Ukrainians.

“And this is without taking into account the views of the residents of uncontrolled territories where always dominated by anti-NATO sentiments”, – said Medvedchuk.

“These results of the studies conducted far from the “East” award by the international organizations suggests that the idea of membership in the North Atlantic Alliance finds broad support in society. However, the government continues to push this idea, though well aware – “start” of Ukraine in NATO could be… just splits the country apart,” said Medvedchuk.

Earlier, Viktor Medvedchuk said that the European integration for the Ukrainians turned into hopeless poverty. However, he referred to the data numerous international rankings.

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