Medvedchuk: “the Turkish stream” the position of Ukraine will suffer

Медведчук: Из-за "Турецкого потока" позиции Украины сильно пошатнутся

Ukraine may lose the position in case of failure of gas transit, said Medvedchuk

The politician commented on the state of the Ukrainian GTS.

The position of Ukraine on the geopolitical arena will suffer if the country will lose the status of a major energy transit country, said Viktor Medvedchuk, analyzing the situation around the construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”.

The politician commented on the resentment of official Kiev in connection with the implementation of Russia’s policy of weakening its European dependence on Ukrainian gas transit.

“For Ukraine, termination, or minimizing of transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian gas transport system will become the largest economic failure. Obviously, this will entail not only huge economic losses, but also geopolitical implications. That is why Kiev has repeatedly urged Europe to block the construction of bypass Russian gas pipelines. And at a joint briefing with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko thanked the US for “consistent position against the implementation of this deeply politicized draft”, – wrote the Medvedchuk.

Today, according to the leader of “Ukrainian choice”, the Ukrainian GTS is pumping record volumes of Russian gas.

“Gas transit Ukraine annually brings about $2 billion! But after 2019 (when the contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine), this source of foreign exchange earnings can dry up,” warns the politician.

It is alarming the condition of the Ukrainian GTS, says Medvedchuk.

“In Kiev understand – unloaded pipe will soon turn into a pile of scrap metal, in fact contain and maintain it will not. Besides, if Ukraine loses the status of a major energy transit country, its position in the geopolitical arena will suffer”, – said Medvedchuk.

The only guarantee of demand of the Ukrainian GTS, he believes, is the creation of a tripartite gas consortium with participation of Ukraine, Russia and the EU.

“It would also help to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian GTS, which is a long time to conduct. However, the Ukrainian government categorically rejects the idea of a tripartite consortium. This means that the era of the domination of transit of Ukraine in Europe is close to sunset” – summed up the politician.

We will remind, earlier he declared that Russia remains the main investor in the Ukrainian economy.