Medvedchuk: the Use of religion in politics emboldens the radicals

Медведчук: Использование религии в политике развязывает руки радикалам

Viktor Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk told who benefit from the conflict on religious grounds.

Freedom of religion in Ukraine flouted as cynical as freedom of thought and speech, the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk. He noted that with the connivance of the authorities of the raider seizure of the temples of the UOC-MP continued, and the emergence of the Verkhovna Rada of the draft laws openly discriminate against the UOC-MP, evidence of attempts at gross interference of the state in Church Affairs.

According to him, the policy of discrimination against one of the churches and the desire to use religion in the political struggle not only lead to the escalation of the conflict on religious grounds, but also untie the hands of the radicals. “Yes, and attempts a highly political Church, particularly its leadership, to extend its influence on the faithful of the UOC-MP are becoming more aggressive”, – said Medvedchuk.

He recalled that at the meeting of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and the Secretary of State of the Holy see cardinal Pietro parolin discussed the easing of tensions in Ukraine. This was proposed a number of measures: failure of the UGCC from the seizure of Orthodox churches, curtailing aggressive information campaign against the UGCC, the UOC-MP, the suppression of the “rhetoric of hatred” against the UOC-MP from the radical representatives of the UGCC, especially military chaplains.

“But, unfortunately, the attack on the rights of believers of the UOC-MP does not stop. The language of hatred, aggression and violence have become the basis of current government policy – policy that leads to a new round of confrontation in the society,” – said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that the true purpose of the language of article of the law of Ukraine On education was the attack on the constitutional rights of the primarily Russian-speaking citizens.