Medvedchuk: to Change the country for the better can only the Ukrainians themselves

Медведчук: Изменить страну к лучшему могут только сами украинцы

Viktor Medvedchuk

The leader of the Ukrainian choice summed up in 2016.

To change lives for the better can only the Ukrainians themselves, I am sure the leader of the public movement of the Ukrainian choice – the Right people.

“Promised bezviz again postponed indefinitely. It has become quite clear: ideas, policy erected in a rank of national (EU and NATO) do not have the slightest chance of being implemented”, – the politician.

Medvedchuk believes that the results of the ongoing power reforms have become rampant radicalism and extremism, defeat on the foreign policy front, the stagnation in the economy, the curtailing of democratic freedoms and the impoverishment of the people.

“Evrointegratory used to work exclusively in the language, they are not able to change the country for the better, to boost the economy, to overcome poverty. It can only make you concerned and active citizens. Control and power at all levels, requiring the implementation of these promises, we will be able to develop the foundations for a new policy – the policy of government responsibility to its people”, – said Medvedchuk.

He has previously stated that the current government is afraid of democracy in the same way as the dictatorial regime of Viktor Yanukovych.