Medvedchuk told about the difficulties in the exchange of prisoners

Медведчук рассказал о сложностях при обмене пленными

Seven people refused extradition in ORDA

At the time of agreeing on a numerical formula 40 people have served the punishment.

Despite the fact that the lists for the exchange of detained persons between Ukraine and the LDNR was agreed back in August and September, the formula for the exchange had to change. This was announced by the special representative on humanitarian issues in the framework of the Trilateral contact group Viktor Medvedchuk in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

“Firstly, the Ukrainian side unilaterally excluded from the approved and coordinated with the ORDO and ORLO list of 18 people. Of them 5 people, as it turned out, are accused of committing particularly serious crimes (previously, this information was not in the center of the SBU, which deals with technical preparation for the exchange), another 13 people – foreigners (citizen of Brazil and 12 citizens of Russia). Given this, the Ukrainian side has replaced the 18 people removed from the list, other 18 persons who have been held in Ukraine and who are sought by the representatives of the ORDO and ORLO”, – said Medvedchuk.

He also noted that at the time a final agreement on 25 December 40 people have served the punishment imposed by the court sentences, and 29 people from the “list 306” refused to exchange after were verification.

“Representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk, demanded their replacement by others. It was the most complicated issues for which we could not find a compromise solution, with the result that the exchange process was almost stopped,” – said Medvedchuk.

He also stressed that to replace a few dozen people could not. “80 of 386 people who remained in Ukraine and were not included in the list were accused of committing very serious crimes, and then they couldn’t include in the list on the exchange, as the release of the 306 people that was to release only those who had not committed very serious crimes,” he explained.

Talks from 21 to 25 December, with the leadership of the Russian Federation and heads of ORDO just touched on all these issues. “We had to convince the leaders of the ORDO and ORLO to agree to this exchange formula “306 74” without the replacement of these individuals (40 and 29), – said Medvedchuk.

It is known that the exchange of prisoners, the special representative for humanitarian issues in the Tripartite contact group on peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Viktor Medvedchuk involved with Dec 2014. Thanks to him, freed 478 people, including soldiers and civilians; in addition, convicts in Russia Yuri Soloshenko, Gennady Afanasiev, Nadiya Savchenko is back in Ukraine.

Recall, December 27 at Gorlovka held prisoner exchange. According to documents samoprovzglashenny the DNI and the LC gave the 306 prisoners, but 40 of them were freed earlier, and 20 refused to exchange.