Medvedchuk: Ukrainians are difficult to convince of the need of joining NATO

Медведчук: Украинцев трудно убедить в необходимости вступления в НАТО

According to a recent survey, the NATO support 39% of Ukrainians

The number of NATO supporters in Ukraine is reduced, said Medvedchuk.

The number of supporters of Ukraine’s accession to NATO began to decline, the leader of Movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk.

This conclusion he did on the results of a survey conducted by the Institute of sociology of NASU in cooperation with the charitable Foundation “Intellectual perspective”.

“Now, supporters of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine less than opponents (38.1 per cent and 38.4 per cent respectively). Similar results were reported earlier by the sociological group “Rating”: from February to June 2016, the number of supporters of NATO membership decreased by 6%,” – writes Medvedchuk.

These results, in his opinion, allow to speak about already trend.

He believes that after two years of unsuccessful collaboration with the EU, Ukrainians are now difficult to believe that after joining NATO in the country will be “peace and prosperity”.

And not only in economic losses that are inevitable, says Medvedchuk, and especially in the attitude of the authorities to the will of their own people.

“The Euro-Atlantic heat of the Ukrainian politicians has not cooled nor disappointment with the results of the Warsaw summit of NATO (which Ukraine gave to understand that the Alliance is not going to in the near future to include it among its members) nor the disapproval of the excessive Euro-Atlantic persistence of the European politicians”, – said Medvedchuk.

He also recalled how in 2006, 4.6 million Ukrainians gathered signatures for a referendum on the question of NATO membership and participation in the common economic space with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

We will note, according to the may survey conducted by the Democratic initiatives Fund them.Ilko Kucheriv for Ukraine’s accession to NATO, if there were a referendum, voted 78% of Ukrainians.