Medvedchuk: Ukrainians should participate in the creation of a new Constitution

Медведчук: Украинцы должны участвовать в создании новой Конституции

Citizens must participate in the full constitutional process, said Medvedchuk

The leader of the Ukrainian choice Viktor Medvedchuk said that the obligatory participation of citizens not only to unite Ukraine, but also put the Basic Law on the service of the people, not the oligarchs.

According to the politician, today the Ukrainian society became a witness to the attack on the constitutional rights of citizens.

“Pro-European “democratic” Ukraine, article 5 of the Basic Law that defines the people as the only source of power, has become a Declaration. Ukraine has not used the opportunities that were given to her by the 1996 Constitution”, – said Medvedchuk.

Adopted, in fact, as a compromise, the Basic Law, according to the leader of Ukrainian choice, a priori, could not be perfect.

“After the historically significant paramount to the formation of the young state “the constitutional night” few people understood that the resultant vote was not the end, but the beginning… of a long and very complicated process of writing a new national Constitution — a Constitution which will act in the interests of the Ukrainian people, not the political and oligarchic elites,” says the politician.

Only at the beginning of the 2000s, said Medvedchuk, it became obvious that Ukraine needs to choose the path of development of parliamentarism in the European sample.

“That the objective sought by the constitutional reform of 2004. Ensuring the transition to a parliamentary-presidential Republic, eliminating the power imbalance by introducing a system of checks and balances, it opened a new stage in the history of Ukraine. I can say that at the time the constitutional reforms were a lot of critics and implacable enemies: in 2004, categorically against it were representatives of “orange” team — those politicians who ten years later, in February 2014, admitted the correctness and justice of this idea,” — said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

Medvedchuk also reiterated the idea of the Federal device of Ukraine

“In the current Federal structure is the key enterprises, “stitching” of the country. I have consistently advocated for federalization of Ukraine by constitutional, even knowing that today, this idea has no mass support in society. But I am convinced that time will put everything in its place… But for this Ukraine needs is not “constitutional night” and complete the constitutional process with the participation of citizens”, – said Medvedchuk.