Medvedev in Crimea has responded to the complaints of pensioners on low pensions: there is no money anywhere

Медведев в Крыму отреагировал на жалобы пенсионеров на низкие пенсии: денег нет нигде

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, while 23 may working visit to occupied Crimea, spoke with local seniors. As seen in the video, posted on YouTube, retirees Medvedev expressed his dissatisfaction with low pensions.

“It is impossible to live, the prices are crazy, wrong indexing we count hurt us. What is 8 thousand? It is minuscule,” said Medvedev, one of the pensioners.

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“Well, pensions a separate issue. Pensions are going to do in the country, we can not only in one place to make retirement. Just no money right now. Find the money, will make the indexation of pensions. You stay here, you all the best and good mood”, — said Medvedev.

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