Melitopol has suspended the chief of police after may 9

В Мелитополе отстранили главу полиции после 9 мая

In Melitopol after events on may 9 dismissed the chief of police

On the organization of work of local law enforcement officers of the Victory Day has appointed official investigation.

The head of the Melitopol police Yury Bulanov was suspended from the performance of their official duties, and the organization of work of local law enforcement officers may 9 appointed official investigation.

Yesterday in Melitopol held a mass event, in which about 4 thousand citizens. Was involved 200 police officers. Total shares on Victory Day in Ukraine was attended by 600 people.

According to the head of national police of Sergey Knyazev, during the mass events on may 9 the management and the local police made a number of miscalculations on the rule of law.

“Some of the protesters used the separatist symbols, and the details of the offense were not properly registered with the local police,” he said at a briefing.

Knyazev added that the leadership of the national police of Zaporozhye region appealed with a proposal to conduct official investigation

“And we confirmed. At the time of the official investigation of the performance of their duties, suspended head of the Melitopol Department Yury Bulanov,” – said the head of national police.

We will remind that today also dismissed the leadership of the police of Dnipropetrovsk.