Men in Ukraine earn on the average on 1,5 thousand UAH more women – gosstat

Мужчины в Украине зарабатывают в среднем на 1,5 тыс. грн больше женщин, - Госстат

The average monthly wage of men in Ukraine for the first 9 months of 2016 is 5789 UAH 1 488 UAH more than in women – 4301 UAH. Such data are available on the website of the State statistics service of Ukraine.

In almost all spheres of activity, men earn on average more than women.

Women have average wages more than in the area of administrative and support services (3954 UAH the UAH 3826 women and men), and in the functioning of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions (3609 3455 UAH vs. UAH).

A small gap in the construction sector – 4292 UAH vs. UAH 4586 and activities transport – 5517 5649 UAH vs. UAH.

The most profitable and women and men turned out to be the sphere of information and telecommunications, financial and insurance activities.

Also high salaries for men in the arts, sports, entertainment and recreation – 7344 UAH, however, women have two times less – 3520 UAH.

We will remind, today in Ukraine increased cost of living and minimum salary.