Mercenaries of Wagner thrown in Donbas – SBU

Наемников Вагнера перекинут на Донбасс - СБУ

The SBU said that the DNR will transfer mercenaries Wagner

Russia intends in the coming days for strengthening of illegal armed groups to send to the Donbass are about one hundred private military company Wagner.

To strengthen the separatists in the coming days in Donetsk will arrive about a hundred mercenaries of the private military company Wagner. On Tuesday, may 15, the press service of the SBU.

Also in the SBU said that the separatists acknowledge the presence of mercenaries from Wagner in non-government controlled areas of Donbas.

The security Service gave the example of an interview separatist Callsign Engineer, who argues that “fought in Lugansk directly with Wagner Dmitry Utkin.

“There were 80 people. 15 or 16 and stayed there … Guys Wagner drove APU Lugansk airport ago when they were trying out to pop up, we covered them. They tried to go “vagnerovsky” drove them back. We worked together,” said the separatist.

He also added that he knows that Wagner mercenaries sent to Syria.

Earlier, the SBU, said the number of installed PMC mercenaries Wagner.

Recall that in early October of 2017, the SBU has established that representatives of a private military company Wagner in 2014 in Lugansk shot down a Il-76 with the Ukrainian paratroopers on Board. Also in Department noted that among the members of the formation – 40 Ukrainians.


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