Merkel called the scandal of the lack of a UN resolution on chemical attack in Syria

Меркель назвала скандалом отсутствие резолюции ООН по химической атаке в Сирии

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the scandal a failure of the Security Council of the United Nations of a resolution condemning the chemical weapons attack in Syria this week, which killed at least 70 people, Reuters reports.

“It was a barbaric attack that should be investigated. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime,” said Merkel at a press conference in East Germany.

The Chancellor added that the signs of involvement in the attack of military forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“It’s a scandal, when the resolutions of the UN Security Council are not accepted, and those who opposed it, should consider what responsibility they bear,” said she.

Also note that Merkel refused to comment on the words of the President of the United States Donald trump that the attack crossed a “red line”.

We recall the morning of 4 April the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun was bombed. Syrian activists reported that a RAID on a town in North-West Syria has made the aircraft the Syrian army or the Russian aviation. Immediately after the air strike people on the ground began to choke.

According to eyewitnesses, people were dying from suffocation, many lying on the ground motionless, the other was observed vomiting and was frothing at the mouth.

Activists from the opposition claim that the planes fired missiles at local hospitals, where assistance was given to victims.

The Syrian military said in a possible chemical attack, according to the Russian military, the Syrian aircraft attacked a large warehouse of ammunition of terrorists, where were stored chemical weapons.

Britain and France have made to the UN security Council draft resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that Kiev is concerned about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria and is awaiting the results of the investigation.

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