Merkel in a new year address to the Germans: stay optimistic

Меркель в новогоднем обращении к немцам: Сохраняйте оптимизм

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in his new year message, wished the people of Germany to remain optimistic, despite all the existing threats. According to her, the hatred it is necessary to oppose democracy and European values, which should be stronger than terrorism. About this reports Deutsche welle.

Merkel called deplorable and disgusting the involvement of the refugees to several terrorist attacks in Germany in the past year that has become a mockery not only on the willingness of Germans to help the needy, but those people who really need this help.

The Chancellor spoke in support of its migration policy. Recalling the terrible destruction in Aleppo, she called important and the right the protection that Germany gives to refugees from Syria.

The Chancellor also assured that the government will take all necessary political and legislative measures to ensure the safety of the German population.