Merkel postponed until 2017 the decision about his participation in the upcoming election – Spiegel

Меркель отложила до 2017 г. решение о своем участии в предстоящих выборах, - Spiegel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel postponed until the beginning of 2017 the issue of whether it again nominate his candidacy for the post of Chancellor of Germany. This writes the German Der Spiegel.

The delay stems from the fact that the partner of the Christian democratic Union, whose leader is Merkel, Christian social Union and its Chairman Horst Seehofer only in the spring of next year to determine whether CSU again to support the candidacy of Merkel.

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The publication notes that in the environment of Merkel’s fear that its political positions can be undermined if she announces the intention to re-fight for the post of the Federal Chancellor without the support Seehofer.

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Initially, Angela Merkel, had planned to publicly announce its plans in early 2016, but postponed the decision until the fall because of the migration crisis and the conflict with the CSU. Now the decision is again postponed until the beginning of 2017.

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Angela Merkel heads the government of Germany since 2005, If she will remain as Chancellor after the election, 2017, we may repeat the record of Helmut Kohl, who was Chancellor of Germany for 16 years.