Merkushina: we Need to get to the center, then there will be unfortunate “dimensions”

Меркушина: Надо попадать в центр, тогда не будет досадных "габаритов"

Anastasiya Merkushyna

Ukrainian sure that now the biathlon is little to run fast and shoot accurately – now we have to do something supernatural.

Ukrainian biathlete Anastasia Merkushyna told about the problems with shooting, and also shared opinion on the status in the team.

– How to solve the problem of clean shooting, so I was zero? So how can you …

– I am a believer, I think God gives me some feedback: do not hurry, wait, we still have a lot to work out. Better still, is to always aim at the center, and then there will be those pesky “dimensions”.

– You’re the first replacement for the Olympics. I want to prove that you can be?

– In my case the first replacement is even more honorable than athlete Foundation. Because I can run all the first, second, third and last stage. For me is very important. The decision on the Olympic torch relay will be taken for two to three hours before the start, considering the moral and physical condition of each athlete before the start. All we need to prove the right to their place.

– How do you prepare before a race?

– Try to direct the emotions in the right direction, so I was not bound to adrenaline where to go. Can’t explain … Mentally, it’s somewhere up there, and not even always depend on me.

– Last season everyone was shocked by the speed of your shooting. What is the secret of such indicators?

– Biathlon is changing, evolving and shooting technique. Earlier in the individual race shot two minutes, and it was considered very cool. Now, if you shoot a minute and forty five seconds on the four borders, is not fighting for medals.

Biathlon has changed. On the background of the young generation I still very much fade, what do the young people – “old men” still have a lot to learn. In biathlon have just enough to shoot well and run fast – to do something supernatural.

Everything and recognized leaders have to make something impossible to win. There is not a single race this season, which would have won any just. Always have or turn, or in skiing-something to do “over” – quoted Merkushin UA:Biathlon.

Earlier it was reported that the composition of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon at the Olympics in 2018 known by 90%.

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