Messi: Fatherhood’s the best thing that happened to me in this life

Месси: Отцовство – самое лучшее, что со мной произошло в этой жизни

Lionel Messi with his sons

The leader of Barcelona Lionel Messi spoke about family, fatherhood and plans for the future.

Striker Catalan Barcelona and the Argentina national team Lionel Messi spoke about family life, and expressed the opinion that fatherhood has changed his Outlook on life.

“I’m a person like everyone else. Live a normal family life. Yes, of course, sometimes you want to be recognizable, to walk down the street without too much attention at every step.

At home we rarely talk about football. Must be some big reason that is associated with Barcelona or Argentina, that during family dinner, raised the subject of football.

Being a parent is an incredible feeling. Fatherhood changed me. I began to look at some things completely different. Fatherhood is the best thing that happened to me in this life. It’s indescribable” – quoted Messi Blic Online.

Recall that Messi and his wife Antonella Rocuzzo, Thiago raising five-year and two-year-old MATEO.

Earlier it was reported that Messi called components, over which he should work more.

According to the materials: