Messi got a fine instead of serving a prison sentence

Месси получил штраф вместо отбывания тюремного срока

Lionel Messi and his father

The Spanish Supreme court changed the punishment for Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

The Supreme court of Spain decided to replace the punishment of Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. Instead of a prison term of 21 months Messi is obliged to pay a monetary fine in the amount of 252 thousand euros.

The father of the player must also pay a fine in the amount of 180 thousand euros. The Prosecutor’s office has no objection to this development.

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The player and his father stood trial in June 2016 on charges of tax evasion in the amount of 4.1 million euros. The original sentence had nothing to do with being in prison, as under Spanish law, terms of up to two years for economic crimes can be replaced by a conditional.

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