Metro Kiev has accused “Kremlin’s hand” in changing the language on the scoreboard

Метро Киева обвинило "руку Кремля" в смене языка на табло

Kiev metro saw the “hand of Kremlin” in the emergence of the Russian language on the scoreboard, turnstiles

On the scoreboard, turnstiles in the Moscow metro, the date of the trip, passengers are displayed in Russian.

Kiev metro said that “the hand of the Kremlin” accountable for the fact that today on the scoreboard, turnstiles the date of the trip, passengers are displayed in Russian.

As you know, in the Moscow metro symbols used only Ukrainian and English languages.

“Hand of the Kremlin reached our turnstiles. And melodious instead of the “1 March” today we all saw the “March 1”, says on the metro page in Facebook.

Metro also jokingly added that it was possible to think that this “promotion of the Ukrainian singer Marta or honor the memory of Martha Black from the Ukrainian insurgent army”, who worked as a stenographer in German-occupied Lviv.

“But no, it’s still “zrada”. We are already correcting the problem, it may take several days,” – said in the Kiev metro.

In the metro jokingly noted that those responsible for the error will cause to teach “Kobzar” writer Taras Shevchenko and read aloud all the works of the writer Pavlo Zagrebelny.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev will be renamed the metro station Petrovka.