MFM-2016. The Czech Republic snatched victory over Finland

МЧМ-2016. Чехия вырвала победу над Финляндией

Held the second match in group A of the world youth championship.

In the second match of the first round in group A national team of the Czech Republic met with the national team of Finland.

In the first period on the site of the stadium “bell center” in Montreal was an even game with a small advantage for the Czech national team. The Czechs were more often abandoned and already in the fifth minute was able to achieve the goal, opening the scoring efforts of Krenzelok after the transfer of Necas. The Finns tried not to sit at the gate and at the first opportunity attacked the gate Scarica and later the same four minutes, the score again became equal thanks to goals Luoto.

In the second period the situation on ice has not changed and reminded throughout the first third of the game, though this time fans of goals have not seen. Also note that both teams had two minutes for the implementation of the majority, but to take the numerical advantage could not.

In the third period, the teams played careful hockey with a small number of moments. One could say that the game was up error that could decide the outcome of this meeting. In the end, everything was decided for more than a minute before the final siren. The Spacek easy go from the side to the center platform at the blue line and struck a cool wrist shot accurately into the top corner of the goal of Vehvilainen, which correctly closed the review on the patch.

Czech Republic U-20 – Finland U-20 2:1 (1:1, 0:0, 1:0)

Washers: 04:27 Krenzelok (Necas) – 1:0, 08:46 Luoto – 1:1, 58:42 Spacek (Musil, Zboril) – 2:1

Goalkeepers: Skarek – Vehvilainen

Shots: 30 – 23

Penalty: 2 – 4

Czech Republic: Skarek (Wlodarz); Kvasnicka, Greek, Zboril, Kalina, Krenzelok, Hrdinka, Shaft; Spacek, Stransky, Musil, Necas, Kurowski, Porridge, Chlapik, ASEC, Koblizek, Hostal, Dry, Reichel

Finland: Vehvilainen (Charlene); Valimaki, Saarijärvi, Heiskanen, Uolevi, Vaakanainen, E. Mattila, Rautanen; Palm, Nattinen, Tolvanen, Kuokkanen, Borgstrom, Vesalainen, Ruotsalainen, räsänen, Koivula, Bergquist, J. Mattila, Luoto, Aurulenta news on MFM-2016. The Czech Republic snatched victory over Finland

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