MFM-2017. Denmark in overtime beat the Czech Republic

МЧМ-2017. Дания в овертайме обыграла Чехию

Hosted the first match of the third day’s play in the youth world Cup in Canada.

In the opening match of the third round of the group stage of the world youth championship Danish team met with the national team of the Czech Republic. Recall that in the first two matches, the Danes lost to the Swedes beat the Finns, and the Czechs defeated Finland and lost to the Swiss in overtime.

In the first period, the Czechs possessed a solid advantage and deservedly opened the scoring efforts of Necas. The Danes had only five shots on goal Vladara and that they played twice at most, but the advantage of the numerical advantage failed.

In the second period the teams exchanged goals at the equator period. First, the Danes sold the most, thanks to the precise throw of Lichfeld. A moment later, the Czech team took the lead again, and the author of the goal was Greek.

In the third period, the Czechs slowed down a little bit, but even that was enough to create the moments at gate of Petersen, but the Danes over and over again ran to the counter. And here’s six minutes before the final siren the Danes had a cool attack, which ended Krag after the transfer of the author of the first goal of Blichfeldt on an empty corner.

In the end, everything was decided in overtime when the 47-th second of the crag gave at Frome, he came into another area, outplayed the defender and uncomfortable sent the puck Vladara.

Thus, after three rounds of the Danish team scored five points and climbed to second place in group A, while the Czechs have the same number of points and the third line.

Denmark U-20 – Czech Republic U-20 3:2 FROM (0:1, 1:1, 1:0, 1:0)

Washer: 07:56 Necas (Musil) – 0:1, 28:41, Blafield (Boysen, Larsen – great.) – 1:1, 30:29 Greek – 1:2, 53:36 Kragh (Blichfeldt) – 2:2, 60:47 Frome (Krag) – 3:2

Goalkeepers: Petersen – Wlodarz

Shots: 22 – 34

Penalty: 8 – 8

Denmark: Petersen (); GATS, Weigel, Larsen, Merits, Koch, M. Rendbjerg Jensen; Andersson, True, Blichfeldt, Th. Rønbjerg, Kragh, Andersen, Boysen, Heeg, Weiss, Ladehoff, Madsen, Frome.

Czech Republic: Vladare (Skurek); Hrdinka, Greek, Zboril, Kalina, Krenzelok, Shaft; Kurowski, Spacek, Oatmeal, Chlapik, ASEC, Koblizek, Necas, Stransky, Musil, Coastal, Dry, Richelet news on MFM-2017. Denmark in overtime beat the Czech Republic

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