MFM-2017. Denmark sensationally beat Finland

МЧМ-2017. Дания сенсационно обыграла Финляндию

Held the third match of the second day of the world youth championship.

In the third game today is game day at the youth world Championships Danish team met with the national team of Finland. Recall that in the first match, the Danes suffered a major defeat from Sweden, and the Finns lost to the Czechs.

In the first period, team Finland had huge game advantage and often threw in a shot of Vehvilainen, but his shots did not reach the target, but the Danes several times responded with dangerous counterattacks. Finns for the first twenty minutes made 14 shots, and their opponents three, two of which were effective. In the beginning of the period Boysen put the Danes ahead, and at the end of the nominal advantage of the hosts doubled Madsen.

In the second period the Finns tried for a long time to play the puck in front of goal and bring their attack to a logical conclusion, but once again Keeper of the Danish national team, Krog played flawlessly and did not disappoint his teammates who were able to throw another puck Charlene that came out for the second period instead of Vehvilainen. The author goal was, Blafield.

In the final period the players Suomi almost did not let the Danes out of defence and almost managed to win, scoring two goals in the gate Krogh efforts of Vaakanainen and Berquist.

Thus, Denmark scored three points and climbed to third place, while the Finns have two losses and zero points.

Denmark U-20 – Finland U-20 3:2 (2:0, 1:0, 0:2)

Washers: 05:20 Boysen (Weigel, GATS – great.) – 1:0, 17:40 Madsen (Jensen) – 2:0, 35:53, Blafield (Th. Rendbjerg, Koch) – 3:0, 44:17 Vaakanainen (E. Mattila, Vayrynen) – 3:1, 55:30 Bergquist (Luoto, J. Mattila) – 3:2

Goalkeepers: Krog – Vehvilainen (Charlene, 20:00)

Throws: 10 – 36

Penalty: 12 – 10

Denmark: Krog (Petersen); Larsen, Koch, Gatz, M. Rendbjerg, Weigel, Merits Jensen; Kishor, Andersson, Blichfeldt, Weiss, Th. Rendbjerg, Boysen, Leggings, Ladehoff, Heeg, Madsen, True

Finland: Vehvilainen (Charlene); Heiskanen, Vaakanainen, Rautanen, Uolevi, Valimaki, Saarijärvi, E. Mattila; Kuokkanen,Bergquist, Borgstrom, Palm, J. Mattila, Luoto, Ruotsalainen Nattinen, Vayrynen, räsänen, Tolvanen, Vesalainen, Koivulehto news on MFM-2017. Denmark sensationally beat Finland

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