MFM-2017. Russia defeated Latvia

МЧМ-2017. Россия разгромила Латвию

Held the second match of the second day of the world youth championship.

In the second meeting today is game day youth national team of Russia met with the national team of Latvia. Recall that this match was the second for both teams in the tournament: the Russians in the first game lost to Canada, while Latvians lost to the Americans.

In the first period on the court was almost equal game with small game advantage to the Russian team, which unlike its rivals has been able to convert their chances, scoring three unanswered goals. The authors of goals became Yurtaikin, Polunin and Karnaukhov.

In the second period Latvians took to the ice with goalkeeper Romanovskis, who replaced his colleague Grigas. Within five minutes of the second period, the spectators in the stadium, “air Canada centre” in Toronto witnessed four goals, three of them were in the gate above mentioned Romanovskis, after which he again went to the bench. The Russians have accurate throws distinguished Whims, Belyaev and Polunin, who scored twice. Latvians the only goal in the asset recorded Balzers, who scored in the majority.

In the third period, the situation on the ground has not changed, which once again confirmed the fact in three goals against Latvia. Scoring twice shot Vagaries, having a hat-trick and another goal in the asset Trenin. Note that all three goals were abandoned in the majority.

Thus, the Russian team gets the first victory in the tournament and take three points, allowing her to third place in group b, and the Latvians zero points and a terrible goal difference against – 2:15.

Latvia U-20 – Russia U-20 1:9 (0:3, 1:3, 0:3)

Washers: 05:33 Yurtaikin (drones) – 0:1, 12:10 Polunin (Moody, Smith) – 0:2, 17:39 Karnaukhov (Guryanov, Kudako) – 0:3, 20:56 Whims (sparrows, Polunin) – 0:4, 23:42 Balzers (Zarcas – large.) – 1:4, 24:21 Polunin (Rykov, sparrows) – 1:5, 25:04 Belyaev (Yurtaikin, Alexeev) – 1:6, 46:07 Whims (Rykov, sparrows – large.) – 1:7, 49:28 Trenin (Whims, Polunin – large.) – 1:8, 56:07 Caprices (great.) – 1:9

Goalkeepers: Grigas (It Has, 20:00 – 25:04) – Sukhachev

Shots: 26 – 40

Fine: 18 – 10

Latvia: Grigas (It Has); E. Jansons, Jansons, Rubins, Ponomarenko, Zile, Zeila, Cuxte, Sales; Tralmaks, Puede, Zarcas, Kastenberg, Klavins, Baranovskis, Apfelbaum, Blugers, Bernhardt, Balzers, Bounces, Smirnov

Russia: Sukhachev (Samsonov); Kudako, Sidorov, Zborowski, Voronkov, drones, Sergachev, Rykov, wolves; Whims, Urakov, Kvartalnov, Polunin, Belyaev, Scars, Karnaukhov, Alekseev, Yurtaikin, sparrows, Trenin, Gurjanovae news on MFM-2017. Russia defeated Latvia

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