MFM-2017. Strong-willed victory of Sweden over Finland

МЧМ-2017. Волевая победа Швеции над Финляндией

Held the third match of the third day’s play in the youth world Cup in Canada.

In the third match of the third round of the group stage of the world youth championship the national team of Finland met with the national team of Sweden. In the first two games, the Finns lost to the Danes and the Czechs, and the Swedes beat the Swiss and Denmark.

In the first period was rather cautious hockey, in which it was evident that neither team wanted to concede first, because both teams like and know how to play on the account. In the end, the first mistake by the Swedes late in the first period, when he received the deletion. The first was a long shot from defender of the Finnish team, then the puck came to Tolvanen who tried to quit with the angle, but the disk hit the skates of the defender and bounced to Rasanen, and the one shot gate of the Sandström – 1:0.

In the second period the game was equal, but it was viewed that the players Suomi play for score, but the Swedes were trying to recoup. In the middle of the period, the Finns got the opportunity to play five-on-three format, but even that advantage two minutes were not used and, in principle, paid for it. In the 33rd minute, the Finns are unable to throw the puck out of their zone, and then Nylander gave to the center by Andersson, who flip of the wrist threw off two defenders exactly in the corner of Vehvilainen – 1:1.

The third period began with the attacks of the Swedish team, one of which has reached its goal. In the second minute Nylander played a one-two with partners, and then sent the puck into the goal of Vehvilainen – 1:2. After the goal the Swedes had calmed considerably and controlled the puck, and Finns tried to think up something in attack, but nothing more substantial at the gates of Sandström to create and failed. At the end of period Finnish coaching staff has released on the ice of the sixth field, but instead to score, got the puck into the empty net from the Nylander – 1:3.

Thus, after three rounds of the Swedish national team scored nine points and confidently is in the lead in group A, and Finland zero points and the last line.

Finland U 20 Sweden U-20 1:3 (1:0, 0:1, 0:2)

Washer: 16:35 räsänen (Tolvanen, Uolevi – large.) – 1:0, 32:16 Andersson (Nylander) – 1:1, 41:24 Nylander (Grundstrom, Eriksson EC) 1:2, 59:00 Nylander – 1:3

Goalkeepers: Vehvilainen – Sandstrom

Shots: 29 – 20

Penalty: 0 – 8

Finland: Vehvilainen (Charlene); Heiskanen, Vaakanainen, Rautanen, Uolevi, Valimaki, Saarijärvi, E. Mattila; Kuokkanen, Berquist, Borgstrom, Palm, J. Mattila, Luoto, Ruotsalainen Nattinen, Vayrynen, Räsänen, Tolvanen, Vesalainen, Koivula

Sweden: sandström (Gustavsson); Larsson, Bernhard, A. Gunnarsson, Colington, Dalin, Karlsson; al, Pettersson, Andersson, Grundstrom, Karlstrom, Asplund, Nylander, Eriksson Ek, Lech, Olsson, Dalen, Gingerly, Cederlund news on MFM-2017. Strong-willed victory of Sweden over Finland

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