MFM-2017. Sweden easily beat the Czech Republic

МЧМ-2017. Швеция без проблем разобралась с Чехией

Held the starting match of the fifth day’s play in the youth world Cup in Canada.

In the first match in the final fourth round of the group stage of the world youth championship the national team of Sweden met with the national team of the Czech Republic. In the first three matches, the Swedes have won three sure victories over the Finns, the Swiss and the Danes, and the Czechs defeated the Finns at the start, then lost to the Swiss and the Danes in overtime.

In the first period was pretty equal game, but the score was amazing – 3:0 in favor of the Swedish team, which is very easy to convert our chances. Already at the 37-th second, the Swedes quietly entered the opponent’s area and quickly unrolled the entire defense, and attack accurate throw finished Asplund after “football” transfer Ala. After the goal the Czechs was not discouraged and showed good hockey, creating chances Gustafsson, who replaced the main goalkeeper Sandström. Then in the ninth minute, the Swedes received the right for the majority and almost immediately realized it efforts dalena, who had only to substitute the stick on the far post. Well, four minutes before the first break, the Swedes went into another area, Lech passed the ball to Andersson, who threw in the ball from which the puck bounced off the skate of a defender and went into the gate Vladara.

At the start of the second period the Czechs a large force attacked the gate Gustafsson, and the reason that several deletions in a row from the Swedish players. Then the Swedes calmly leveled the game and three minutes before the second break was able to score the fourth goal: Carlstrom brought dalena on a date with the goalkeeper and the striker did not disappoint, scoring off the skate of goalie of the Czech national team Vladara. Also a minute before the end of the second period al threw it perfectly at medium distance, but the puck hit the crossbar.

The beginning of the third period was for players in Tre Kronor, which in the third minute earned the most and then created it. Dalen got the puck on the boards, moved to the gate and pushed a washer between guards Vladamir, thereby having a hat-trick. In the middle of the period the Czechs was a good opportunity a minute to play in the majority, but such a gift they are not used because of the reliable goaltenders, Tre Kronor Gustafsson. And all-taki Czechs have ruined the Swedish goalkeeper with a dry match, scoring six minutes before the final siren the efforts Porridge, which literally put the puck through the flap Gustafsson. As it turned out, and that’s not all, because for three minutes before the end of the meeting, the Czechs have implemented the majority, and the author’s goal was of Greek.

Thus, Sweden has produced their fifth win out of five in the group stage, while the Czechs remain in third place with five points. Note that if the Swiss night to beat the Finns, that they will finish group A in third place, while the Czechs will travel to the fourth position.

Sweden U-20 – Czech Republic U-20 5:2 (3:0, 1:0, 1:2)

Washer: 00:37 Asplund (al, Pettersson) – 1:0, 08:56 Dalen (Asplund, Nylander – large.) – 2:0, 16:46 Andersson (Lech) – 3:0, 37:09 Dalen (Carlstrom) – 4:0, 43:34 Dalen (Nylander, Cullington – large.) – 5:0, 53:09 Porridge (Kurowski) – 5:1, 57:28 Hronek (Porridge, Chlapik) – 5:2

Goalies: Gustavsson – Wlodarz

Shots: 37 – 38

The penalty: 14 – 10

Sweden: Gustavsson (Sandstrom); Larsson, Bernhard, A. Gunnarsson, Colington, Dalin, Karlsson; Al, Pettersson, Andersson, Grundstrom, Karlstrom, Asplund, Nylander, Eriksson Ek, Lech, Olsson, Dalen, Gingerly, Söderlund

Czech Republic: Vladare (Skurek); Krenzelok, Shaft, Hrdinka, Zboril, Kalina, Greek, Budik; Necas, Chlapik, Coastal, Kurowski, ASEC, Spacek, Koblizek, Oatmeal, Stransky, Dry, Reichel, Mutilate news on MFM-2017. Sweden easily beat the Czech Republic

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