MH17: Bellingcat new proof of the guilt of the Russian Federation

MH17: У Bellingcat новое доказательство вины РФ

Experts do not doubt that the downed Boeing – Russia.

Released a new photo anti-aircraft missile launchers Buk yet again confirms that Boeing passenger flight MH17 was shot down by Russia. This was announced by the expert group is Bellingcat, reports

“Until now there was virtually no doubt that MH17 was shot down by Russian Buck-332. After today, when it was published on the ninth proof of the presence in Eastern Ukraine of the installation belonging to the armed forces, no doubt this can not be,” write the investigators.

Published for the ninth the with Beech-332 in the Donbass. The joint investigation team (JIT) to examine the circumstances of the tragedy, which published this photo of a Beech, while certain conclusions on a picture is not voiced.

MH17: У Bellingcat новое доказательство вины РФ

In the photo the same Beech /

Investigators believe that the photo was taken in Donetsk on 17 July 2014 – the day when the airliner was shot down.

“JIT suspects that this is the Buk, which was shot down flight MH17”, – reported briefly in the investigation team.

JIT also appealed to the public to provide any details about the circumstances of this picture.

MH17: У Bellingcat новое доказательство вины РФ

Photographed in the Donbass Beech /

In turn, the expert group Bellingcat claims that the distinctive features of the Beech sporeforming coincide with those that are visible on the starboard side of Beech-332 in Russia nearly a month before the fall of Boeing.

As reported in July, an international expert and journalist group Bellingcat published another photo confirming that the flight MH-17 shot down from the Russian Beech.

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