MH17: media drove along the route of the Russian Buka

MH17: СМИ проехали по маршруту российского Бука

Reporters found places he has passed through the complex, as published by the investigators of the video.

Journalists of Radio Liberty from the project of the Donbass.The realities of repeated the route SAM Beech, which, according to the international investigation, was hit Malaysian liner MH17.

They drove through Makiivka highway, which was carrying a Buk, as follows from the video, published by the International investigation team.

Journalists found signs and billboards, which, in their opinion, indicate that the day of the crash was a Buk in separatist-controlled Makiivka.

“White labelling aboard Beech and rubber-damage protection of the tracks are identical to those that were on the installation, filmed in Russia,” – says the analyst Bellingcat Aric Toler.

Then the correspondents of Radio Liberty went to the city of Zuhres and Torez. Beech then went through the town of Snow in the village of Pervomayskoye, where the bull will run, say investigators.

Earlier, the international expert and journalist group Bellingcat published a new photo that proves that flight MH17 was shot down from the Russian Beech.

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