MH17: Turchynov commented on the statement of the Russian Federation on the “Ukrainian missile”

МН17: Турчинов прокомментировал заявление РФ об "украинской ракете"

Oleksandr Turchynov commented on the statement of the defense Ministry

A story about “Ukrainian trace” missile brought down the Boeing, Russia covers up his crime, the head of the Council acabaron Ukraine.

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on Monday, September 17, commented on the statement of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation about the destruction of the Malaysian airlines Boeing Ukrainian missile.

He noted that such statements are another failed fake Kremlin.

“The statement of the Russian Federation about the alleged Ukrainian trace the missile that brought down MH17 is another failed fake Kremlin in order to cover up his crime, which has already proved to be official investigations and independent expert groups,” – said Turchinov.

We will remind, the Russian defense Ministry said that the Boeing 777 Malaysian Avialinii allegedly shot down by a missile, allegedly belonging to the Ukraine. Also the Russian Ministry said that the intercepted conversation of Ukrainian troops, who allegedly confirmed the involvement of Ukraine to the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing.

As you know, in September 2018, the date will be announced the establishment of the court in the case of the crash of flight MN17. This will happen during the session of the UN General Assembly, where leaders will meet with the investigative team.

Recall that in may 2018 the joint investigation group summed up the first results of the investigation of the incident. According to the findings of investigators that the Boeing was shot down by Russian anti-aircraft system Buk, which was delivered to the South-East of Ukraine with the 53 anti-aircraft missile brigade near Kursk.

Later, the Netherlands declared Ukraine to be innocent in the crash of a Malaysian Baingana the Donbass. In late June, the EU urged Russia to accept responsibility for the Downing of MH17.

The Russian defense Ministry has denied these data, adding that the conclusions were based on photos from social networks. Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin will not recognize the results of the investigation, since they are made without the participation of Russia.


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