MH17: Ukraine and Russia spied on investigators of the media

МН17: Украина и РФ шпионили за следователями - СМИ

With investigators on the case were following MH17

Dutch investigators have found in hotels of a listening device, and return home on their gadgets was discovered and malware.

For members of the Dutch mission which has arrived in Ukraine to investigate the crash of flight MH-17 conducted a large-scale surveillance while Ukraine and Russia. This was reported by the Dutch news programme RTL Nieuws with reference to the sources.

Investigators, military and diplomats involved in the investigation of the disaster Boeing in Ukraine, auditioned in their hotel rooms and by establishing a spyware software on electronic devices.

It is noted that although the espionage side of Ukraine, which is part of the international team of investigators, is a very sensitive issue, the observation by the Russian secret services were more structured and extensive.

Because the surveillance was carried out on a large scale, all Dutch employees are trained to protect themselves and their electronics. They recommended not to use public Wi Fi, however, their electronic devices somehow stepped up and tried to connect to the Internet.

The mission warned that all sensitive discussions should only be conducted at the Embassy in specially equipped rooms. Conversations outside of these premises was considered dangerous.

In the rooms of hotels, the mission found the listening device, and upon return to the Netherlands on their electronic devices had detected malicious software. The device was pereproshit, and some destroyed.

In this regard, the Dutch opposition demands clarification from Ukraine.

“It is important that it is brought to the surface, the Netherlands should declare Ukraine: it should not be. We’re on the same side and we shouldn’t be working with a secret agenda”, – said the MP from the Green left of the Gate van On.

The government of the Netherlands, it seems, knew about the audition. In the joint answer of the Prosecutor’s office, police, Ministry of security & justice, Ministry of interior and Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of defence of the Netherlands said that “it is possible that other parties wanted to gather intelligence,” because the plane crashed “in the conflict zone, where they play the role of the large geopolitical interests.”

The statement noted also that Dutch employees “are constantly warned about the possibility of listening”.

Earlier, the Netherlands has recognized Ukraine eyes MH17.

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