MIA massively broken.

В МВД массово ломаются электронные браслеты

Electronic bracelet

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, three quarters of electronic bracelets have become unusable. Each of them is the purchase cost 53 thousand hryvnia.

Currently in operation are little more than hundreds of electronic bracelets of the 511. This is stated in the Ministry of internal Affairs on the request of Gromadsky.

It is noted that 404 bracelet is broken. Each of these bracelets cost with the purchase of 53 thousand.

In November 2017, the interior Ministry reported that police officers wearing the bracelets on 67 people. At the same time, as of November last year was 1375 court rulings on the use of electronic means of control, but not executed 818 regulations due to the lack of necessary equipment.



Note Netpolice in September last year announced a tender for purchase of 500 electronic bracelets, and additional equipment to them on 38 million UAH.

Earlier it was reported that as of 22 June, on the balance of national police was 474 electronic bracelet. However, only 172 of the bracelet was defective.


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