MIA of Ukraine: the victim of a “Minister of the DNR” methyl in the chair Zakharchenko

МВД Украины: пострадавший "министр ДНР" метил в кресло Захарченко

Timofeev wounded in the explosion

Officially confirmed the attempt on Timofeev.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine confirmed the fact of assassination of “Minister of income and fees” “DNR” Alexander Timofeev and associates the incident with the desire of the victim to take the post of head of DND. This was announced on Saturday, September 23, the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak in Facebook.

“He was probably talking about trying to eliminate a potential competitor from the top of this criminal organization, that is, by the Zakharchenko”, – Shkiryak wrote.

He explained that Timofeev was trying to hold unofficial talks with the Kremlin’s aspirations to take the post of leader of “DNR”.

In turn, the speaker of the defense Ministry Andrey Lysenko said that Timofeev had many enemies among the Russian separatists and supervisors because of his activities.

Timofeev, nicknamed “Tashkent” was joined to the apex of the “DPR” in the spring of 2014.

“In particular took part in the battles for the Donetsk airport in the ranks of the illegal armed group “Stronghold”. Taking the above-mentioned high position in the occupation administration, Tashkent became the curator of the economic block of the quasi-state,” – said Lysenko.

As reported in the morning in the center of Donetsk on Prospekt Mira, two explosions. An attempt was made to “the Minister of incomes and fees” samoprovzglashenny DND Alexander Timofeev.