MIA: results for the Prince will publish 28 Dec

МВД: Результаты по Княжичам обнародуют 28 декабря

After a shootout in the City 25 police officers removed from service

Avakov has promised to publish the investigation of national police.

The results of the internal investigation of the shooting in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region will publish tomorrow, December 28. This was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov to journalists on Monday, reports UNIAN.

In a shootout in the City on the morning of 4 December killed five militiamen.

“The national police is the investigation of the Prince. The investigation of the Prince is performed by the General Prosecutor’s office. The National police completed an internal investigation, which we will publish tomorrow,” – said Avakov.

He said: “there Will be published results of office investigation of the National police, and the investigation of the incident in the Prince leads the General Prosecutor’s office.”

Avakov go? The consequences of the tragedy in Knyazhychi

We will remind, in connection with a shooting in the City at the time of the official investigation removed from service 25 police officers who participated in the RAID.

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