MIA: the Police will not tolerate inter-ethnic provocations for murder in the river

МВД: Полиция не допустит межнациональных провокаций из-за убийства в Днепре

In the river in the shooting death of ATO veterans

Police called a “gift to the aggressor” possible ethnic conflicts on the basis of the situation of the murder of the veterans of the ATO.

The speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko said in Facebook that because of the shooting in the river, which killed the veterans of the ATO, there may be provocation on the basis of ethnic and religious hatred, because on the other side of the conflict was the Dnieper businessman, the citizen of another country.

“The worst thing that can be done now after the bloody, purely criminal events in the river to provoke foolish and harmful infospoke about the necessity of retaliation by veterans of the ATO, ethnic and sectarian strife because of the presence on the other side of the conflict known in the city and in the separate religious community of Dnepr, a businessman and the citizen of another country,” said Shevchenko.

He stressed that this development will be the best gift to the aggressor, but the police of the Dnieper river will not allow this scenario.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe evening of 24 July in the river on Gagarin Avenue skirmish in which two people were killed and another five injured.

The victims were participants of the ATO. Among the wounded was a member of ATO, the lawyer Edmond Sahakian, who was friends with one of the dead members of ATU and defended his interests in court.

Earlier, the head of the criminal police region Oleg is a Thunderstorm, said that the skirmish in the river, was motivated by “economic interests”.