MIA will check the “pocket army” licenses

МВД проверит "карманные армии" с лицензиями

Employees of KP Municipal VARTA strikes and used lethal weapons against a journalist in Odessa

The interior Ministry intends to audit 45 legal entities licensed to carry out security activities.

The Ministry of internal Affairs will audit 45 legal entities licensed to carry out security activities. On Friday, December 7, MP Mustafa Nayem in Facebook.

According to him, we are talking about the so-called “municipal guard”, which throughout the country under the guise of public utilities has usurped the functions of law enforcement.

“In total, we found about 50 such structures in 16 cities of the country. Most often, these structures play the role of “pocket armies” repeatedly and unlawfully used lethal weapons, beating and interfered with work of journalists and public organizations”, – Nayem writes.

Almost all of them are licensed by the Ministry of internal Affairs on the implementation of security activities, reminiscent of the MP.

According to the MP, the interior Ministry decided to check in 45 subjects, including 14 utilities, 30 commercial organizations and state-owned enterprises Management of departmental militarized protection.

The first number in the list is the utility of the Municipal VARTA Odessa.

“Now it is important this process to control and bring to an end. Theoretically, the result may be the cancellation of the licenses… Which is very important given the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections”, – said the MP.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that Odessa has become the criminal capital of Ukraine.

Also, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the sports clubs that supply “aunts” will be closed, and their leaders punished.

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