Mickle: a Few mistakes crossed out a huge amount of work

Михайличенко: Несколько ошибок перечеркнули огромный объем работы

Olexiy Mykhailychenko has commented upon the defeat of Kiev.

Dinamo played their fourth consecutive unsuccessful match “it is white-blue” lost the Gum in 7-m round of the championship of Ukraine with the score 1:2.

Dinamo head coach Olexiy Mykhailychenko has commented on the match.

“The scoreboard, and it says it all. In this game you can’t lose, despite the fact that without errors has not managed. Especially in the episode with the second goal conceded, which is probably “crippled” some of the players. We spent a lot of effort to correct the situation as at the end of first and beginning of second half. I am grateful to the guys that they still wanted to achieve a positive result, until recently believed that they will be able to achieve victory. But any efforts, if they are not supported by goals, in vain. The game is forgotten, and the result is.

A very unpleasant period of time – both for me and for the team. In three games we lost a lot of points. If in the first two games we can say that was my introduction to the team, in this game, a few mistakes crossed out a huge amount of work that was done recently. Showed high speed was rather constructive attacks, but in the moments that we created, something was missing – somewhere of skill, somewhere the final blow. It’s probably from insecurities, after a series of unsuccessful games lose faith in yourself. Players need to return it, because they know how to play football. But at this stage something interferes.

We knew that after the return of the internationals it would be difficult, but today was a pretty meaningful game. Of course, you can appeal me that the account is negative and I understand you perfectly. But sometimes some errors both in defence and in attack to negate what is happening on the field.

If the ball crossed the goal line? It let the judges say. They train VAR, so let him train them…

One hundred percent of the responsibility for the situation of the team on the coaching staff. I am responsible for the result in front of everyone, and the team should be responsible for the game in front of me,” said Mickle at the post-match press conference.

See also video goals of the match Dinamo – gums.

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