Midfielder Alexandria: Shakhtar are a very serious contender

Полузащитник Александрии: Шахтер - очень серьезный соперник

Vasiliy Gritsuk

Player Alexandria Vasiliy Gritsuk commented on his team’s victory over Dawn, and also shared his expectations from match against Shakhtar

A direct participant in the most high-profile victory in the 22nd round of the championship of Ukraine in the part of Alexandria Vasiliy Gritsuk answered the questions of the press service of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– Vasyl, what became of the main components of the victory over Dawn?

– Most dedication of all the players, great desire to win and, of course, our fans!

– Consistently acted during the whole game, or does Volodymyr Sharan has made adjustments during the game?

– Install was given before the game, and all adhered to throughout the match!

– You can say that your goal eventually settled it for a few minutes before the final whistle?

– Yes it is, because until the final whistle, we had very little. At that time simply had no right to lose extracted hurt.

– Knew how to kick? Were there any other contenders for the conversion?

I was sure that will score, that’s why I trusted him to perform!

– You have recently recovered from injury, while you go out for the youth team, to appear on target. As overall sense of fitness?

– After injury is always hard, but I try in training, to quickly return to his best form, and while I’m at 70-75 percent.

– Today, after the passage in the Cup semi-final, wins over Dinamo and Dawn about Alexandria all say. Feel heroes?

– Heroes? We aren’t saved someone? The present results show only about our work in training!

– How you think, how many percent solved the problem with 6-th place and, consequently, output in the European cups?

– Our task is to go out and win every game, but time will tell where we’ll be at the end of the season.

– On Wednesday the first Cup tie with Shakhtar. What memories from this enemy in League games Pari-Match?

This is a very serious opponent, but any opponent you play! It has already proved more than once, so some experience was there.

– Do Shakhtar Donetsk, and Dnipro on Sunday, because your team is not yet too accustomed to such a schedule?

– We have a good team, but don’t presume to guess how it will develop in the near future. We will make every effort both at the tournament and the game will show.

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