Mikey Garcia is too big for Lomachenko – coach

Майки Гарсия слишком большой для Ломаченко - тренер

Mikey Garcia and Vasyl Lomachenko

Robert Garcia believes that until the time came for the fight of his ward with Vasyl Lomachenko.

The coach and the brother of American Mikey Garcia, Robert Garcia, believes that his client is now too big for the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko.

“At the moment the situation is that Lomachenko should be prepared for a fight against Mikey, not Mikey prepares for Lomachenko. I really believe that the difference in weight between them is too big.

Everyone understands this, understands that the entire Boxing world when he saw the duel of two double Olympic Champions. But Rigo was just too small. Lomachenko himself admitted it after the fight. I think Mikey will be in the same situation, if you step into the ring against Lomachenko.

In terms of technology, Lomachenko is one of my favorite boxers. In the list Р4Р it on the first or second place. But size still matters, and Mikey just more of it. I think in the future, if Lomachenko will win the title in the 61 kg and will dominate the division, as did Mikey, who by that time will probably act 63 kg, then this fight would make sense from a financial point of view.

But in the future, not now. I think now we are the closest to a fight with Linares,” said Robert Garcia, in an interview boхingscene.

Note that currently Ukrainian is the second Featherweight (up to 59 kg), while the next fight Garcia is scheduled for two weight categories above — within the framework of the bike weight (63 kg).

Earlier it was reported that Garcia is targeting a fight with Linares.

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