Milan – the winner of Italian Supercup

Милан - обладатель Суперкубка Италии

Wards Vincenzo Montella only in the penalty shootout was able to defeat the champion Juventus.

Five and a half years fans of Rosso-Neri were expecting any trophy from their Pets, so today’s triumph of Milan finally has interrupted an unsuccessful series of the club from the capital of fashion for the past years. Milan played in the super Cup due to a lost Copy final, while Juventus is the Italian champion and Cup winner. The team held a meeting in Doha, Qatar, the small stadium, with a capacity of not more than fifteen thousand.

First minutes of the match entirely was for Juve, because the players of the Old Gentlemen made a bet on a quick goal and control the game from the first minute. All wards Allegri went according to plan, because quite quickly See failed to come forward. First, Gianluigi Donnarumma saved his team after hitting from Sturaro, moving the game into the corner, but this corner became a goal – Giorgio Chiellini great foot rally sent the ball into the net Milan – 1:0.

Milan didn’t have much in the first half to demonstrate in front of goal, although towards the end the game is rated the visitors managed to equalize. In fact, the very first dangerous shot on goal, Buffon was the assists: elegant delivery from the flank was performed by Suso, then Giacomo Bonaventura strike the back of his head rather than his head sent the sphere precisely into the far corner of the goal Gianluigi Buffon, who in the leap failed to reach the ball. In the end, the teams went into halftime with the score tied.

After the break, the initiative was on the side of Milan, whose players better spent not only the second half of the game, but virtually the entire rest of the match. However, to distinguish them more from the game failed, as well as Juventus. However, not without dangers – dangerous shot after a corner, Alessio Romagnoli, and then the ball hit the crossbar Buffon. The Bianconeri responded with a good shot from Khedira – the ball was parried by Donnarumma. It is also dangerous to have disturbed the goalkeeper of Milan with a shot from substitute Paulo Dibala, but again the Keeper was on the spot. Rosso-Neri victory in normal time could snatch Carlos bacca, but his header from the rebound from the lawn did not become an insurmountable obstacle for Buffon.

Extra half began with a dangerous episode at the gates of the Juventus first when Buffon parried the ball away after hitting the opponent, and then all the same bacca could make the ball on the rebound, but at the last moment managed to prevent him from Chiellini, but before the gate was a few metres away. Still, more up extra time players of the Old Lady, which significantly increased near the opposition goal in the last penalty minutes. The best chance for scoring Donnarumma had Paulo Dibala, but after a cross from evra, the Argentine somehow fired over the crossbar. Even the ball flew into the net gate of Donnarumma in one of the episodes, but there’s an obvious offside was from Patrice evra.

In the end it came down to the historic penalties of two elements – the experience in this battle was represented by Gianluigi Buffon, and youth Donnarumma. Already with the first stroke from the player Milan Keeper of Juventus right – Lapadula couldn’t equalise, because by the time his first attempt was converted by Marchisio. However, the second attempt lined position: Mario Mandzukic struck the crossbar, and Bonaventure beat Buffon. Then it was four consecutive goals that brought the score to a draw – 3:3. Juventus in their attempts implemented Higuain and Khedira and Milan were accurate Kucka and Suso. During the match after coming on as a substitute in any way, no luck Paulo Dybala, bad luck to him, and in a series of penalty – kick for the Argentine parried Donnarumma, what was decisive in this battle. The winning point for AC Milan put Mario Plasic, implementing the final blow.

As a result, Milan produced his first trophy for five and a half years, failing in a tough match to beat Juventus on penalties – 4:3.

Juventus – Milan 1:1 (penalty 3:4)

Goals: Chiellini, 18 – Bonaventura, 38

Juventus: Buffon – Lichtsteiner, Swearing, Chiellini, Alex Sandro (Evra, 33) – Khedira And Marchisio, Sturaro (Lamina, 79) – Pjanić (Dibala, 67) – Mandzukic, Higuain

Milan: Donnarumma Abate (Antonelli, 102), Paletta, Romagnoli, De Sciglio – Kucka Locatelli (Pasalic, 74), Bertolacci Suso, Bacca (Lapadula, 102), Bonaventura

Warning: Lichtsteiner, Higuain – Romagnoli, Borriello, De Silueta news on Milan – the owner of the Supercup of Italy

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