Milevsky, Yarmolenko has taught the lesson of tennisball

Милевский преподал Ярмоленко урок теннисбола

Andriy Yarmolenko and Artem Milevskiy

Dynamo Kiev striker Andriy Yarmolenko met with former teammate and now a striker Tosno Artem Milevskiy to play tennisball.

Artem Milevskiy and Andriy Yarmolenko with defended the colors of Dynamo Kiev and national team of Ukraine. Milevsky recently came to stay in Kiev, where he met with his former teammate to come together in tennisbollen battle.

Leading the program Profootball on channel 2+2, Alexander Loboda was posted on his page in Instagram video, which Milevsky plays with a tennisball Yarmolenko, and the judge becomes Igor Tsiganyk. At the end of the recording Yarmolenko won with the score 2:1.

We’ve got super battle? Yak dumat hto Paramore? Gram to 10⚽

Video posted by Alexandra Loboda (@aleksika)

Dec 1 2016 8:28 PST

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