Militants in the Donbas have increasingly used prohibited weapons – ATO headquarters

Боевики на Донбассе все чаще применяют запрещенное оружие, - штаб АТО

Militants in the Donbas are increasingly using Minsk agreements prohibited weapons, said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the speaker of the press center of staff ATO Sergey Zhmurko.

“According to the latest soobshenia, an increasing number use prohibited by the accords of weapons – mortars caliber 120mm and various artillery systems, are prohibited and must be withdrawn from the line of contact. Periodically they are used violating the Minsk arrangements”, – he said.

At the headquarters of ATO traditionally associated intensification of the militants with the arrival of Russian humanitarian convoy.

“In addition, supplied from the territory of the Russian Federation additional weapons and ammunition to the militants is yet another proof that Russia is supplying weapons and munitions to Donbass, there is a capture in single combat clash with DRG enemy modern infantry flamethrower, which was adopted by the armed forces and as a conclusion it can be noted that most of these attacks, the increasing number of attacks and the presence on the territory of Ukraine of modern weapons connected, including, with the arrival of another so-called humanitarian escort on the territory of Ukraine”, – said Zmurko.

We will note, over the past day in the Donbass were 21 attacks.

We will remind, on Donbass arrived the 52nd Russian convoy.