Military allowed to shoot down planes-infringers

Военным разрешили сбивать самолеты-нарушители

The Cabinet resolved to shoot down planes-infringers in peacetime

Shoot to kill is allowed only after firing warning shots.

The Cabinet authorized the military to open fire on the planes that illegally violate the border of Ukraine or are suspected of committing terrorist acts.

This decision of the government the press service of the Cabinet.

It is noted that the fire are only permitted to open after firing warning shots.

In the explanatory note to the document States that the decision was made “to adapt the basic legislative documents for defence to modern realities and challenges in the “hybrid war” with the Russian Federation”.

Note, this month, an expert from Russia, has predicted Russia air strikes on Ukraine.

And in the fall it was reported that Russia is creating a new army near the border with Ukraine.