Military checked the combat readiness of rocket artillery

Военные проверили боеготовность реактивной артиллерии

The military carried out a “fire” from Hurricanes

The combined forces conducted field exercises with missile systems Uragan, not opening fire.

Military joint forces and implement measures to increase the combat readiness of rocket artillery. On Wednesday, August 15, reported the press center of the headquarters of OOS in Facebook.

“By order of the Commander of the joint Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei New carried out to increase combat readiness and cohesion of units of rocket artillery. In particular, calculation of MLRS Hurricane. During field training, the battery occupied firing positions, developing job goals and moved away from the firing positions”, – is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the crews of combat vehicles with the tasks perfectly and ready to perform tasks as directed.

9К57 MLRS Uragan rocket multiple launch rocket system caliber 220 mm. Combat and transport vehicle based on the modified truck chassis ZIL-135LM. The number of shells in a volley of one combat vehicle: 16 pieces. Time volley one combat vehicle is 20 seconds.

The system is designed to defeat a variety of surface targets: open and covered manpower; unarmored, lightly armored and infantry armored vehicles and tank companies; artillery units; tactical missiles; air defense systems.

We will note, last week tested the new Ukrainian howitzers Bogdan, which has NATO 155-mm caliber and can hit targets at a distance of 60 km.

On the eve of the Council stated that the new Ukrainian missiles can penetrate meters of armor and with high precision strike armored vehicles of the enemy.


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