Military parades in the Donbass violated the Minsk OSCE

Военные парады на Донбассе нарушили "Минск" – ОБСЕ

The parade in honor of Victory Day on 9 may in Lugansk

May 9, equipment and weapons have been moved closer to the line of contact, said Lamberto Zannier.

The participation of military equipment on parade in Donetsk and Lugansk may 9, is a violation of the Minsk agreements. On Monday, may 16, said OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier, reports TASS.

“We see it on the scene, we saw it also in the course of the celebrations of the anniversary of the end of world war II, when they (separatists – ed.) has demonstrated (the technique) on the streets in violation of the Minsk agreements, because it was necessary to keep in the designated areas,” he said.

According to Zannier, the OSCE observers have registered a decrease in the number of equipment in these areas.

“This means that the equipment and weapons have been moved closer to the frontline,” – said the OSCE Secretary General.

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As reported Корреспондент.neton may 9 in a parade in Donetsk were involved in almost 45 pieces of equipment, in Lugansk – 70.

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